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Roof shingles cost less than most other roofing materials, which is one reason it is one of the most popular styles of roofing done today. The variety of shingle styles, colors, and textures are unmatched by any other roofing option. The shingles are most commonly made of asphalt; which is a very lightweight, durable, easy to repair, and cost effective method of roofing a house. Tabbed shingles make installation fairly easy, whether it be done by a roofing contractor, or if you choose to do it yourself.

In this section of our New Roofing Price Guides, we will discuss roof shingles prices, and what factors and issues may arise to impact the shingle roof prices. We will also look at the different styles and types of shingled roofing, what tools and skills are needed to complete this project, and what repairs and maintenance will be like over the lifetime of the roof.

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Shingled Roofing Costs, Sorted by Type and Style of Roof Shingles

The wonderful thing about shingled roofing is the variety available, something to fit any style. Asphalt shingle roof prices are generally the lowest. There are two types of asphalt roofing, fiberglass and organic. The color options with asphalt shingles are nearly endless, with any natural color available and only slight variables in their cost. Shingles can even be made to look like other, more expensive, styles of roofing, like slate.

The three tab style of shingles are the most popular, as they are the easiest and cheapest roof shingles to install. Dimensional shingles are great for some depth and a unique look. Although a little more pricey, the style can sometimes be worth it. Interlocking shingles are important to consider if you live in any high wind area. While they cost more and are harder to install, the benefit of not having to replace them after a storm could make up for any lost prices. There are non-asphalt shingles to consider as well, including metal, ceramic and wood.

Type of Shingle Roofing
Wholesale (per sq)
Installed Cost (per sq)
3-Tab Fiberglass Shingles $70-$95 $350-$450
3-Tab Organic Shingles $90-$140 $400-$600
3-Tab Architectural Shingles $70-$110 $400-$750

*The estimated prices above are calculated based on various industry resources, customer submissions, roofing contractor feedback, as well as our own expertize in the field of metal roofing.

Whats Usually Included in the Cost

There are a few different things to look at when considering the installed asphalt single cost, and the time it will take to complete this project. These are things any roofer would look at. It is important to take all these factors into account when starting any roofing project, and carefully read the written roofing estimate provided by your contractor.

  • All materials needed, including the shingles, roofing felt, and nails.
  • Removal and disposal of previous roofing, if needed.
  • Size, style, and complexity of roof.
  • Labor costs including set up and clean up.
  • Disposal of unused and discarded materials.
  • Install cost may include repair of damaged plywood on the sub-roof, or even facia boards behind the gutters.

Along with the materials used in the project itself, your contractor will use the following supplies and tools while completing this project:

  • Simple supplies such as a hammer, chalk line, measuring tools, and utility knife.
  • An air or electric powered nail gun, staple gun and a compressor.
  • Safety gear, including goggles, roof tethers, knee pads, and appropriate clothing and special roofing shoes.
  • A means of getting people and supplies on the roof, most commonly a ladder or possibly a lift.
  • Several tarps spread across the ground and bushes around the ground beneath your roofline.
  • Lots and lots of water! 🙂 It gets pretty hot up on a roof.

Factors that can affect the installation cost

  • The style and type of roofing you are wanting to install. From the most simple three tabbed style, to the more elaborate decorative and detailed shingle, this has the widest range in affecting your cost to shingle roof.
  • The size of your roof. Obviously, the larger your roof, the more the cost will rise. Roofs are measured in squares – or 10 feet by 10 feet. Contractors usually charge by the square when writing up an estimate for your project.
  • The steepness and height of your roof. There’s no question a very steep roof is hard and dangerous to be on, so any contractor will take that into account while considering what to charge.
  • The complexity of your roof. How hard is your roof to navigate? Chimneys, split levels, and other factors can make this job a little harder, and in turn, more expensive.
  • Weather and location. Most contractors will also take this into account, as working in an unshaded location during the hottest of summer month is quite more labor intensive than a cool shaded area in the fall.
  • Unseen damage to roof. There is always a chance weather and time has taken its toll on your roof, and minor or major repairs must be made before safely installing your shingles.

Maintenance and Repair Costs for Shingle Roofing

Another thing to think about while considering the price of shingled roofing is long term maintenance. Weather, time, and other factors can cause needed upkeep to your roof. It is a good idea to start with extra shingles, so you are sure to match the size, color, and style of the previous roof.

The most common repair is for a single damaged shingle. High wind, a bad storm, or high dry heat can hurt one or more shingles. Depending on the style of shingles on your roof, this can be as simple as removing the nail and shingle, and replacing it with a new and undamaged one. If a great area of your roof is damaged by storm, it’s always in best interest to replace the entire roof. Additionally, if excessive aging (curling tabs, cracked tabs, or loss of the grit on the shingles) has occurred, it is advised to replace the entire roof. That being said, shingled roofing can last decades or longer in the right climate.

Repair Maintenance Task
Materials Only
Installed Cost
Replace a Torn Shingle $5-$10 $75-$100
Nail or Screw Hole In Shingle $5-$10 $50-$75
Cracked Shingle Replacement $5-$10 $75-$100

How can you save money on the installation or repair costs?

  • Ask for a discount. Whether it be from the contractor or buying shingles, every little bit can make an impact on price.
  • Always, always, always shop around. There are so many different shingles to consider, and you should take as many as you can into account.
  • Purchase some supplies yourself. If your contractor allows this, you may be able to find the supplies needed at a heavily discounted price.
  • Make sure to get a very detailed list from your contractor. Make sure you are not being charged for anything unnecessary!

Roofing Shingle Prices Sent in by Customers

Type of Shingle Roof
House SqFt
Cost Installed
Charlotte, NC 3-Tab Contractor Grade 1460
Note: Small house with a very basic roof. Took the crew of about 8 guys, no more than 6 hours to scrape off the old roof and put a new one onto the house.
Dallas, TX Architectural Shingles 1990 $6,150
Note: Years of sun damage and overheating (no attic vent) caused our shingles to dry up and rot. It seems like the last time the gutters were cleaned, they chipped off right under our feet. A bad storm and insurance call later, we got a new roof, covered by insurance.
Springfield, MA 3-Tab Gray Asphalt Shingles 2750
Note: Thought we better have our 20 year old roof replaced before winter. We decided to go with the cheapest stuff they had at Lowes, and used one of their approved contractors to put it on.

Learn More about Asphalt Shingles and Pricing

Our quest to provide asphalt shingle prices and installation cost information would not be complete if we didn’t reach out and share a few of the places we too, find interesting and able to answer some of our customers questions. If you have a detailed and thorough source of information about installation, repair, and just general roofing info, please share it with us. We might just add you to the list!

Instructables – If you have a small leak and need help in figuring out where it is and how to repair it, Instructables has a well illustrated guide to leak repair.

Minnesota Roofing – Simple to use and easy to understand guid eon measuring your roof and doing a self-estimate on how much material, and how much the shingles may cost to replace for a DIY’r.

HomeWyse – Always a good place to get a general idea of roof replacement costs, with a simple calculator and various tools to use based on where you live.