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Metal roofing is a cost effective method of roofing, chosen for its versatility, light weight, and low cost of ownership over the life of the roof. The cost of metal roofing is more than the more common asphalt shingle roofs, but still much less than higher end roofing materials, and can be molded and shaped to look like the more expensive methods. Metal roofing is also loved for its ease of installation, traditional style, and easy upkeep. This style of roof can be applied in a variety of ways, whether it be the original long metal sheets, or smaller shingle-like panels. Metal roofing is usually made with a portion of recycled materials, which makes it appealing to those who want to lower their carbon footprint, as well.

In this portion of our Roofing Price Guide, we will discuss the cost to install metal roofing, as well as metal roofing repair cost. We will look at what supplies, materials, and tools are necessary for the installation and upkeep of this style of roofing. Additionally, we will explore what things can increase the costs of installation, and ways to lower that cost.

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Wholesale and Installed Metal Roof Pricing, Sorted by Type and Style of Shingle

One thing that makes metal roofing so appealing, is the ability to accomplish virtually any size, style, and color imaginable. While metal roofing traditionally comes in only a few colors, depending on the type of metal used, that can be easily changed. Much like the walls inside your home, Metal roofing can be primed and painted any color, before being topped with a weather seal. The traditional style of metal roof is the long metal sheets. With the advances in roofing today, however, small shingles can be used instead, and made to look like a variety of other roofing styles, from simple rectangle shingles, to elaborate textured panels.

Type of Metal Roofing
Wholesale (per sq)
Installed Cost (per sq)
Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels $65-$80 $350-$450
Metal Shakes Roof $180-$310 $400-$600
Metal Shingle Roofing $350-$500 $400-$750
Metal Tile Roofing $200-$400 $375-$550

*The estimated metal roofing costs above are calculated based on various industry resources, customer submissions, roofing contractor feedback, as well as our own expertize in the field of metal roofing.

When looking at metal roof prices, it is smart to get an estimate from a contractor, and see the detailed list of what one would charge. Some things on this list may be :

  • Cost of supplies. The metal roofing, including materials needed to install
  • Removal and disposal of previous roof, assuming this is a remodel
  • Disposal of discarded and unused product
  • Size and complexity of roof
  • Style of roofing desired
  • Labor and time, including setup and cleanup

Installation Tools and Special Equipment

Another important thing to look at, especially when considering tackling this project on your own, is what tools, materials, and supplies any contractor would use to complete such a project.

  • Tools found around the house, such as hammer and screwdrivers, nails and screws, measuring tape, chalk line, etc.
  • nail gun with nails, staple gun with staples, roofing screws
  • safety equipment including goggles, knee pads, gloves, and safety tether
  • rubber membrane to reduce leaks
  • metal shears or circular saw
  • Ladder or other means of accessing the roof

There are always factors that are unique to your project that can raise the price of metal roofing on your house. Some of these are :

  • Size, style, and complexity of your roof. The bigger and more complex your roof is, the harder and more expensive it will be.
  • The type of metal roofing desired. Traditional metal sheeting is cheaper, but many people will opt for style, no matter the cost.
  • The roof underneath. As long as your roof is in tip top shape, there should be no worries. If any repairs need done, however, it is important these repairs are made before the installation of your new roof
  • Height and slant of your roof. Although this generally doesn’t affect the installation alone, it can cause more danger to the roofer, and therefore upping the cost.

Maintenance and Repair Costs for Metal Roofing

In addition to the things listed above, another impact on the cost of metal roofing will be the maintenance and upkeep over the lifetime of the roof. If the metal sheets or panels are covered with a weather protecting material (almost all modern companies will do this) the likelihood of rust and other weather related mishaps will be greatly reduced. That being said, it is important to check the roof annually for chips or wear in the protective covering. If either has occurred, a new layer can be applied. If weather has bypassed this layer, or none was applied in the first place, it is necessary to remove and replace any metal sheets or panels that have rusted, cracked, or otherwise been compromised.

Metal Roof Repair or Maintenance Task
Material Cost
Installed Cost
General Roof Inspection $80-$150
Pressure Washing or Cleaning $10-$25 $80-$150
Repair Leaking Seam $15-$30 $200 and up
Seal Vent or Rubber Boot $25-$75 $100-$350
Ridge Vent Repairs $150-$300 $250 and up
Paint or Coating Restoration $30-$50 /sq Varies on Size
Drip Edge Repair or Replacement $3-$5 / linear foot $6-$10 / ft.

A Few Ways to Save on Metal Roofing Costs

  • Shop for supplies yourself. If you are able to find roofing or the supplies to install it at a discounted price, and the contractor you have chosen will allow you to provide your own materials, this can be a great way to save on cost.
  • Get more than one estimate. Different contractors will charge different prices, and there is no shame in shopping around.
  • Opt for a simple style. The more complex a roof is, the more expensive the supplies and labor will be.
  • Ask for a discount. It never hurts to ask!
  • Make sure to see a detailed list of the estimate. There is always a chance of being overcharged, simply looking at the costs and making sure no extras were added is an easy way to keep costs low.
  • Get a warranty. Things can always happen, and having a warranty can lessen the costs if repairs need to be made

Homeowner Submitted Metal Roof Prices

Type of Metal Roof
House SqFt
Cost Installed
Independence, KS Corrugated 1980 (View)
Note: We had hail damage and our insurance covered a portion of the cost. The contractor was able to get our claim filed, and we paid the difference for a metal roof.
Binghamton, NY Standing Seam Corrugated 1420 $5,630
Note: It was time for a new roof, old shingle roof was like 25 years old and starting to show the signs of wear. We chose a green coated standing seam metal roof, and the job was completed in 2 days.
Jefferson, NC Metal Shingles 1275
Note: After seeing the quality when our church had the roof replaced, we used the same company to ours as well. Small, mountain home, but we wanted the look of real shingles to keep the value up. With a 50 year warranty, you can’t go wrong!

Learn More about Metal Roofing

Popularity brings growth and continued interest in a product. If you want to learn more about metal roofing products, visit these sites below. If you are the owner of a business that serves consumers in the metal roofing industry and feel you have information that belongs on this page, please click here to contact us, and send it over.

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