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Compare Roof Replacement Costs for Metal Roofing, Asphalt Shingles, Solar Roofing & More

Welcome to New Roofing Cost Comparison! If you’ve ever asked yourself: “how much does a new roof cost?” we’re about to help you learn. The roof price calculators and information we provide on this site is available free of charge, and contains current 2014-2015 price data for you to learn what you need, in order have a new roof installed on your home. Our pricing data is updated regularly and comes directly from homeowners like yourself, roofing contractors throughout the USA, and roofing industry information we have access to within our profession.

Roofing Price Comparisons

In each of our roofing price guides, you can learn about, and calculate your own costs for:

  • Roofing Material Costs by the Different Types of Roof
  • Average Installed Price by Area of the Country
  • Most Popular Roofing Prices
  • Average Roof Repair Costs for Various Materials
  • User Submitted New Roof Prices

metal-thumb Metal Roofing Price Guide

The increasing popularity of metal roofing is quickly moving through the roofing industry. It’s now just as common to see a metal roof in the heart of a city, as it is to see a metal roof on a home in the countryside or suburbs of any town in the USA.


Shingle Roofing Price Guide

By far, asphalt shingle roofing is the most common, affordable, and widely popular type of roofing found on most homes throughout the USA. Whether you’re looking for a replacement shingle roof or just to get an idea of repair costs, you’ll find it here.

shinglesSolar Roof Shingle Costs

Quickly gaining in popularity around the world, solar roof shingles are not what you expect from the old style of green roofing. Today’s solar shingles are small, compact and can fit into the look of your roof in just about any setting you desire.